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ECA prepares landfill design and closure plans, solid waste management plans and provides construction quality assurance.

CLIENT: Arkansas Recyclable Waste, Inc.
PROJECT: Preparation of Engineering Plans and Operations Narrative
LOCATION: Wynne, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Primary design engineer for a proposed 150-acre Waste Tire Monofill site in Wynne, Arkansas. Also prepared the Operations Narrative that was "user friendly" for the landfill operator. Permit submittal package was approved by the Arkansas Department of Pollution Control & Ecology (ADPC&E), the State regulatory agency - now renamed ADEQ, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Key contributor in the Hydrogeological Investigation performed on the site.

CLIENT: Jefferson County, Arkansas
PROJECT: Closure Plan for Existing Municipal Solid Waste Landfill (MSWLF)
LOCATION: Jefferson County, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Designed engineering plans and wrote the operations narrative that enabled a timely closure of the existing landfill operation. Due to its straightforward, simple yet effective design, the closure plan was easily implemented by County surveyors and landfill personnel within the targeted six month time period. The plan was approved by ADPC&E (ADEQ).

CLIENT: Northeast Arkansas Solid Waste Management Authority
PROJECT: Solid Waste Management Plan
LOCATION: Jonesboro, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Key contributor to the preparation of a comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) utilized by the 11-county region comprising northeast Arkansas. Conducted numerous meetings with leading edge waste handlers of the area, in order to create a comprehensive Plan that was nonetheless realistic in its implementation - sometimes you get it right! The plan was approved by ADEQ.

CLIENT: Nevada County Solid Waste Board
PROJECT: Economic Analysis for Existing MSWLF
LOCATION: Prescott, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Performed a detailed analysis of what economic costs would be associated with future upgrades to an existing noncompliant MSWLF as per RCRA Subtitle D criteria. Prepared a detailed, yet simply organized, written report of findings and presented same to the Board. Although site had superb geological and hydrogeological site conditions (ie, approximately 200 feet of Midway Shale and clay between base excavation and uppermost groundwater table), the economics prevented future operation of the existing facility by Nevada County!

CLIENT: SunRay Sanitation Services
PROJECT: Preparation of a MSWLF Permit Modification
LOCATION: Tontitown, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Designed an updated surface water drainage ditch system for the existing landfill, to ensure compliance with the client's MSWLF Class 1 permit. The Permit Modification was approved by ADEQ.

CLIENT: Dub's Sanitation Service
PROJECT: Preparation of a Feasibility Study for a Proposed Regional MSWLF Site
LOCATION: Yell County, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Prepared estimates of useful on-site soils, non flood-prone areas, and potential landfilling capacity within a 747-acre tract of land owned by the client.

CLIENT: OrganiGro, Inc.
PROJECT: Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) of Clay Liner for Composting Facility
LOCATION: Maysville, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Provided technical assistance to the client regarding the most efficient location of the composting facility and water storage ponds. Made routine measurements (with a Troxler Nuclear Density Gauge) of liner densities and moisture contents, to ensure that compaction was being achieved by the earth-moving equipment. Liner was approved by ADEQ.

Supervised the installation of groundwater monitoring wells along the perimeter of the building, as required by ADEQ.


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