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Tank Inspection Services
ECA performs Steel Tank Institute (STI) Aboveground Storage Tank Inspections, in accordance with the SP001 (5th Edition - September 2011) protocol. Some hapless tank owners have been told the following FALSEHOODS:

  • Vents must be properly sized and functonal, BEFORE Continued Use certification can be granted - NOT!

  • Inadequate tank shell thickness can be remedied by simply LINING the tank - NOT!

  • The certifying (SP001) tank inspector doesn't need to PERSONALLY INSPECT the tanks - NOT!

SPCC Compliance Services
ECA performs all aspects of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) compliance work. We will help you determine whether or not your facility even requires an SPCC Plan (a Spill Response Plan may suffice). If an SPCC Plan is necessary, we will prepare one that meets all criteria of the most current revision of 40 CFR 112.7, the EPA's Spill Regulation. If you already have SPCC Plans in place, we will bring you into compliance with a less-expensive rewrite.

Click HERE for ECA's presentation of The Final Spill Rule at the 2007 Northwest Public Power Association's Engineering and Operations Conference in Tacoma, Washington. A PDF reader is required to view this document. Go to either Adobe Acrobat Reader ( or Primo PDF ( to download a FREE PDF reader!

Geophysical Surveying Services (Geophysics)
ECA Geophysics performs geophysical surveys that accomplish several objectives that include 1) determining depth to bedrock (electrical and seismic methods), 2) establishing IBC Site Class via Refraction Microtremor - ReMi (seismic method), 3) locating buried metallic debris and drums (magnetic method), 4) delineating boundaries of solid waste management units - SWMUs (electromagnetic method), and 5) locating buried utilities, piping, and tanks (ground penetrating radar - GPR method)).

Geological Site Assessments (aka Geological Hazard Surveys)
ECA performs geological site assessments of properties (and surrounding land), to address county growth management concerns.

Phase 2 ESAs
Phase 2 environmental site assessments include subsurface investigations, soil and groundwater analyses, and air quality studies, in order to determine if any hazardous materials have adversely affected the site environment (soil, groundwater, and air). The Phase 2 report includes data interpretation and a summary evaluation, as well as recommendations for remedial actions.

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs)
ECA is a dual-scope provider of PCAs and Phase 1 ESAs, so you avoid paying for TWO separate assessors on the same job!

Phase 1 ESAs
Phase 1 environmental site assessments (ESAs) provide background and historical information to determine previous site usage; provide an overview of local soils, geology, and hydrogeology; and of course provide a current assessment of operational conditions.  Evaluations are made by reviewing available public records, interviewing appropriate parties, and then performing a detailed site reconnaissance to identify any existing or potential environmental liabilities that exist at, or adjacent to, the subject property.
ECA provides comprehensive due diligence Phase 1 ESAs, as per ASTM Standard E 1527, at reasonable Lump-Sum costs.

Click HERE for the current EPA Standards for Conducting All Appropriate Inquiries.
Click HERE to download EDR's article on All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) - a MUST read for any due diligence professional!

Phase 3 Alternatives
The Phase 3 process involves the selection and design of a remedial methodology, the development of a cost / time budget, and the implementation of actual remediation procedures. Upon completion, a final report is submitted to the oversight agency (local, state, or federal regulator) that is requesting closure of the site. Once closure or a no further action status is granted, the property is then ready for use.

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