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From many years of site characterization experience, coupled with experience as an environmental regulator, I have observed and experienced firsthand the inherent value of the following tidbits of wisdom:

IMMEDIATELY establish a forthright and cooperative attitude with the regulatory agency that has placed a Consent Order (or equivalent) upon you. Immediately establishing yourself as being sincere (hopefully you really ARE!) goes a LONG way towards achieving the most economical solution to your problem. Some regulators really do care about the economic well-being of the "violator" and will accordingly grant them considerable flexibility. Some regulators, unfortunately, will not.

Nevertheless, an attitude of genuine concern for the well-being of the environment ALWAYS gets positive results! In the case of the "nice regulator", such sincerity further enhances their willingness to work with you. But most importantly, in the case of the "mean regulator" (you know - the person who makes your life miserable just for the fun of it) a sincere attitude of concern can minimize a combative and confrontational nature (like being polite to the State Trooper who pulls you over).

Keep in mind that regulators are just average people who possess an inordinate amount of power over the life of the hapless individual or company currently designated as a "violator". From an economic and time resources perspective, this person will probably become the most important individual in your life over the next few weeks, months, or God-forbid - years. Isn't it therefore prudent and wise to make certain that this person perceives you as nothing less than an Eagle Scout?

THOROUGHLY UNDERSTAND the written regulations (regulators come and regulators go, but written regs live on and on) and HOW they pertain to your compliance problem. Understanding the laws that govern your future activities will accomplish two things:

  • You'll avoid being led down an expensive path of least resistance
  • You'll be able to determine (hey - you're not stupid, right?) just how effectively your environmental consultant is working FOR you.

Simple solutions are oftentimes the least costly, but not always. So obtain the services of a competent and ethical consultant who can save you considerable amounts of time and money. And again - the time and energy that you invest in thoroughly understanding the regulations will be paid back to you many times over, in the form of a targeted and efficient compliance solution.



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