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CLIENT: North Central Arkansas Landfill Authority
PROJECT: Expert Witness Testimony
LOCATION: Little Rock, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Was the primary author of an extensive Hydrogeological / Geotechnical Investigation (see Hydrogeological Investigations) regarding a proposed MSWLF site in Clinton, Arkansas, and was the designated Expert Witness pertaining to the hydrogeological aspects of the study. Was subjected to relentless inquiry and professional / technical scrutiny by attorneys. The Hearing Officer deemed all work as technically sound, professionally prepared and presented, and free of any conflicts of interest (landfill projects are highly controversial).

CLIENT: U.S. Army National Guard
PROJECT: Environmental Compliance Audits
LOCATION: The State of Minnesota's National Guard Facilities

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Team leader for one of five environmental compliance assessment system (ECAS) teams that performed environmental audits of all existing facilities within the Minnesota Army National Guard system. Minnesota was a pilot study for the Army National Guard, whereby it was the second such state in the entire National Guard system to be assessed, utilizing audit protocols developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

CLIENT: Red River Aluminum Recycling
PROJECT: Preparation of an Underground Injection Control (UIC) Permit
LOCATION: Stamps, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Coordinated, and was the primary contributor to, the preparation of a UIC Permit application for a Class 1 non-hazardous waste injection well permit. The State regulatory agency (ADPC&E) was so impressed with its completeness and attention to detail, that they used it as a model for future UIC Permit applications. UIC Permit was, needless to say, approved!

CLIENT: Various Manufacturing Facilities
PROJECT: Preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
LOCATION: Northwest Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Inspected manufacturing facilities to identify all potential pollution sources and then developed appropriate measures through which to minimize effluent pollution and to prevent run-off of same from site. Prepared written reports with plan attachments; all as per EPA rule 40 CFR 122.

CLIENT: City of Diaz
PROJECT: Monitoring of Wastewater Treatment Ponds (NPDES Compliance)
LOCATION: Diaz, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Performed monthly sampling of groundwater monitoring wells located along the perimeter of three unlined wastewater treatment ponds. Analyses were made regarding critical parameters; namely Fecal Coliform and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD). Supervised and trained facility operator as to proper groundwater sampling and shipment procedures defined in RCRA Subtitle D regulations. Site was eventually brought into compliance.

CLIENT: Meiser & Earle Hydrogeologists
PROJECT: Technical Peer Review
LOCATION: Danville, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Analyzed borehole data, piezometer construction reports, groundwater data, slug-test data, groundwater flow-net data, and test-pit data pertinent to a hydrogeological investigation of a proposed MSWLF site atop a highly fractured sandstone terrain.

CLIENT: Central States, Inc.
PROJECT: Technical Review of Geophysical Studies
LOCATION: Wedington, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Coordinated and performed an exhaustive technical review of myriad geophysical data sets pertaining to an extensively studied and highly controversial proposed MSWLF site. Analyzed resistivity, electromagnetic, induced polarization, and shallow seismic reflection data, and correlated said data with existing borehole data. Made recommendations regarding additional field investigations and also advised client to have shallow seismic data reprocessed in order to better define first-break refractions (for depth to bedrock).

CLIENT: American Cyanamid Company
PROJECT: Technical Writing - Development of Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs)
LOCATION: Biotechnical Services, Inc. - North Little Rock, Arkansas

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Through an exhaustive review of available medical literature, researched, developed, and presented (Technical Monograph format), the most appropriate PELs of substances to be manufactured by the client. Before initiating production of proprietary pharmaceutical substances, the client was required by OSHA to establish PELs protective of factory workers involved in the manufacturing process.


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