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ECA needs CONTRACT EMPLOYEES with qualifications and interest in the following technical areas:

Technical Writing - preparing custom reports, using templates and reasonably clear field notes.

WORD Art - preparing Facility Diagrams and Site Plans from hand-drawn, reasonably clear sketches.

We currently have an extensive backlog of project work in Spill Compliance (40CFR112) and Tank Inspections (STI Std SP001). At present, we are seeking CONTRACT EMPLOYEES willing to work on a 1099 basis, where you provide your own benefits, your own business ID and most importantly, your own work ethic!

Working as a CONTRACT EMPLOYEE has its advantages, as it's the BEST way to groom yourself into having your own business down the road. ECA has no concerns about training a future competitor, as our entire business philosophy is ABUNDANCE, not scarcity based! IF you are a disciplined self-starter, you will soon experience the following benefits that are ONLY ENJOYED by self-employed professionals:

Casual Friday is EVERY day

Play rock, classical or jazz at top volume (I LOVE Pandora!)

You NEVER have to "watch your back" for self-serving office politicos.

Keep 100% of your hourly fee (less taxes and tithings of course)!

If interested, send an email with a brief description as to WHY we should hire you and please also include a professional resume'.

Thanks and God Bless!


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