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ECA certifies aboveground storage tanks, as per STI Protocol SP001

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CLIENT: Tessenderlo-Kerley, Inc.
PROJECT: Annual Soil Monitoring
LOCATION: Finley, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Since 2004, ECA has been performing annual sampling and analysis of soils that receive "blow-down" waters from facility's cooling system, so as to identify significant changes in chemical composition of soil matrix. Client submits report to Washington Department of Ecology for approval. ECA inerfaces with Ecology on behalf of Client.

PROJECT: Fitness Certification for Polyethylene Dangerous Liquids Tank
LOCATION: Benton County, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: ECA inspected and certified the Component Chemical Waste Tank, which comprises dual polyethylene tanks that receive dangerous non-petroleum liquids for the facility. The inspection / certification was performed to satisfy Washington State’s dangerous waste regulation regarding waste storage tanks, namely WAC 173-303-640, which requires facilities to “… determine that the tank system is not leaking or is unfit for use.”  

PROJECT: Closure Certification for the AREVA NP Surface Impoundment System
LOCATION: Benton County, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This 16-month long project involved third-party inspections by ECA staff of AREVA's closure activities regarding six lagoons and ancillary detention structures. The purpose of ECA's involvement was to provide an independent confirmation of lagoon closure activities, in accordance with the State-approved Lagoon Closure Plan as per WAC 173-303-610 and 40 CFR 265.111(c).

ECA staff performed numerous onsite inspections, documented key closure activities, reviewed tedious datasets, provided ongoing recommendations (as needed) and compiled all findings and recommendations within a phone-book sized report that was recently approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

CLIENT: Coleman Oil Company
PROJECT: Soil Sampling and Analysis + Risk Evaluation + securing NFA status for Client
LOCATION: Spirit Lake, Idaho

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Performed soil sampling, utilizing Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ)-approved Multi-incremental Sampling Methodology that minimizes volatilization losses and eliminated inter-sample cross-contamination. Samples were properly preserved (methanol at 4 degrees Celsius) and strict chain-of-custody protocol was implemented. Prepared a Risk Evaluation Assessment and successfully secured a No Further Action (NFA) status from IDEQ on behalf of client.

CLIENT: The Port of Benton
PROJECT: Oversight of Monitoring Phase of Agreed Order
LOCATION: Prosser, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: ECA provided technical expertise to oversee the monitoring phase of an ongoing project that was inherited from another environmental consulting firm who performed the characterization and remediation phases. ECA supervised the groundwater monitoring phase of the final interim action, prepared and submitted (to the WA State Department of Ecology) a detailed Final Interim Action Report and provided remedial alternatives to Client.

CLIENT: Walla Walla Farmers Cooperative
PROJECT: Sampling and Analysis Plan + Quality Assurance Project Plan (SAP / QAPP)
LOCATION: Walla Walla, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: ECA prepared a detailed SAP / QAPP, utilizing Battelle's state-of-the art Visual Sample Plan (VSP) methodology for existing contaminated soil stockpiles. Written in accordance with Washington State Dangerous Waste Regulation WAC 173-303-070(8)(b)(iii).

CLIENT: Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center
PROJECT: Geological Site Assessment
LOCATION: Ingalls Creek, Chelan County, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: ECA performed a geological reconnaissance of site and surrounding land and wrote final
Geological Site Assessment report (33-pages, including 4 appendices) for the Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center property.
Performed and written in accordance with Chelan County Code Title 11 Chapter 11.86.

CLIENT: Aaron & Wright Technical Services, New Jersey
PROJECT: Property Condition Assessment (PCA)
LOCATION: Lake Washington Park Office Building, Kirkland, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Inspected a four-story, 18 year-old brick fascia professional office building, as per Eurohypo AG work scope. Identified and quantified costs associated with minor, but expensive, Immediate Repair and typical Replacement Reserve costs.

CLIENT: LandAmerica Commercial Services, California
PROJECT: Property Condition Assessment (PCA)
LOCATION: Aaron Ridge Apartment Complex, Richland, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Inspected an apartment complex comprising seven two-story frame buildings, as per Wells Fargo work scope. Identified and quantified costs associated with minor, but critical, Immediate Repair and typical Replacement Reserve costs.

CLIENT: Benton Public Utility District
PROJECT: Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan Multi-facility Rewrites
LOCATION: Benton County, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Reviewed a 12-site multi-facility SPCC Plan and rewriting into a multi-facility SPCC Plan that addresses the latest requirements of 40CFR112. Have reviewed and rewritten another 12-site multi-facility SPCC Plan, as per recent requirements of 40CFR112.

CLIENT: Franklin Public Utility District (Franklin PUD)
PROJECT: SPCC Compliance Review
LOCATION: Franklin County, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Inspected 25 electrical substation / pumping station sites, regarding their compliance with 40CFR112 (the Spill Prevention Regulation). Ten (10) sites lacked sufficient aggregate capacity to warrant further analysis, and were deemed exempt from 40CFR112.  A thorough analysis of the remaining 15 sites was performed, to determine whether a spill would reach a navigable water of the United States.  After a detailed, flow regime analysis was performed for each site, 5 sites were found to be in need of SPCC Plans, whereas 10 sites were found exempt.  This process saved the client considerable money that would have been wasted on the preparation of unnecessary SPCC Plans.

CLIENT: Franklin PUD
PROJECT: Preparation of SPCC Plans
LOCATION: Franklin County, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Prepared SPCC Plans that fully met the requirements of 40CFR112 and the sequencing of 40CFR112.7.

CLIENT: Franklin PUD
PROJECT: Secondary Containment Design
LOCATION: Franklin County, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Prepared a macro-rich, "multi-option" spreadsheet, to let the client choose one of several containment and/or diversionary methods that would adequately meet the requirements of 40CFR112.7(c).  Upon selecting the impoundment method, ECA designed a low-maintenance asphalt liner / berm system that will contain the contents of the largest transformer plus the rainfall associated with a worst-case storm event.

CLIENT: SeaWest WindPower, Inc.
PROJECT: SPCC Plan Rewrite
LOCATION: Condon, Oregon

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Performed an extensive rewrite of an existing SPCC Plan for a wind farm facility comprising 83 wind turbine sites.  Although each wind turbine site only contained approximately 520 gallons of lubricating / coolant oils, the facility-wide aggregate greatly exceeded the 1,320-gallon capacity that mandates the Spill Prevention Regulation 40CFR112. Evaluated the site and incorporated considerable additional text and appendices to satisfy the latest (7/17/02) version of 40CFR112. Developed a plausible alternative to secondary containment that satisfies 40CFR112.7(c), yet realistically meets the worst-case (free-flowing) conditions that can occur at the facility.

CLIENT: REMTech, Inc. (Prime Contractor)
PROJECT: Removal of Petroleum Contaminated Soil
LOCATION: Four Lakes Air National Guard Communications Facility, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Supervised the removal of petroleum contaminated soil (PCS) at two contaminated UST sites that had medium-sized (2,000 - 5,000 gallon capacity) tanks removed. Performed all soil sampling and chain-of-custody procedures as required by WDOE. Utilized field-screening procedures to direct the removal of PCS from the two sites. Constantly monitored site to ensure that field personnel and the surrounding public were not endangered by fugitive fuel emissions. Prepared and submitted final report.

CLIENT: REMTech, Inc. (Prime Contractor)
PROJECT: Removal of USTs
LOCATION: Naneum Ridge, Washington

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Supervised the removal of a heating oil UST from a ridge-top Comm Site. Performed all soil sampling and chain-of-custody procedures as required by WDOE. Constantly monitored site to ensure that field personnel were not endangered by fugitive fuel emissions. Prepared and submitted final report.


CLIENT: Commercial Property Investor
PROJECT: Assessment of Environmental Compliance
LOCATION: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Reviewed previous environmental investigations and inspected property to identify existing or potential environmental compliance issues. Collected sediment samples from dry well catch basins and maintained chain-of-custody protocol as per IDEQ requirements. Discussed site status with IDEQ on behalf of client, recommended removal and replacement of two dry wells and oversaw field activities.

CLIENT: U.S. Army National Guard
PROJECT: Environmental Compliance Audits of Army National Guard Facilities
LOCATION: Minnesota

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Team leader for one of five environmental compliance assessment system teams that performed environmental audits
of all existing facilities within the Minnesota Army National Guard system.
Minnesota was a pilot study for the Army National Guard, whereby
it was the second such state in the entire National Guard system to be assessed, and utilizing audit protocols developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

CLIENT: International Paper Company
PROJECT: Installation of Recovery Wells
LOCATION: Bastrop, Louisiana

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Coordinated all field activities and supervised the installation of deep 4-inch PVC / stainless-steel recovery wells. Wells were installed in very loose sands, but were nonetheless successfully set at desired depths and constructed as per the specifications of the state regulatory agency. All wells were properly developed and produced water as anticipated.



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